What Are The Best Ways To Stop Snoring?

Looking For Ways Stop Snoring?

People come to sleep centers for a number of reasons. Usually somewhere on that list of reasons is snoring. Patients always ask, what are the best ways to stop snoring? There are a few natural remedies they can try out at home. If these remedies eliminate the problem, a visit to the sleep clinic may not be needed.

A Quick Fix Guide to Stop Snoring

From tennis balls to Neti Pots, people are always looking for ways to stop snoring. Snoring isn’t just annoying, it has a profound impact on daily routines. It leaves patients and their loved ones sleep deprived, at risk for secondary health problems, and may lead to sleeping in separate bedrooms.snoring-sleep-partner-rest

Before changing the sleeping arrangements, try changing a few basic habits to see if that solves the problem. Here are two possible triggers that people don’t often think about:

1. Clean and change pillows regularly.

Allergens build-up in the bed sheets and pillows. Laundering the pillowcases helps, but to really take control of dust mites, pet dander, and other irritants the pillows need to be run through a fluff cycle in the dryer every two weeks. If there is a ceiling fan in the bedroom, clean it once a week.

 In addition, pillows should be replaced every six months to provide proper support for the head and neck and to reduce allergens. Also, whenever possible keep pets out of the bedroom.

Beware of pillows that claim to eliminate snoring. They typically prop the head up, which opens the nasal passages, but can cause neck pain over time.

 2. Hydrate as much as you need to – drink water!

If dehydrated; secretions from the body become stickier. The thickening of mucus and saliva can aggravate snoring. One of the best ways to stop snoring is to make sure the body gets enough fluids from the food and drink consumed on a daily basis.

 Research suggests that:

· Women should get 11 glasses of water a day from food and drink.

·  Men should get 16 glasses of water a day from food and drink.

It paints a much different picture from the standard 8 glasses a day rule.

For more in-home fixes to try, refer to our post How Can I Help My Loved One Stop Snoring? Remember, if these remedies don’t eliminate the problem, it is time to consult sleep professionals and find the best clinical way to stop snoring.

Whenever the outcome, please do not ignore the problem or expect it to resolve on its own. There could be an underlying medical problem that needs to be addressed. Ignoring it only makes the cumulative effects of doing so that much worse. Talk to a specialist and get treated.

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