What Are Common Sleep Apnea Side Effects?

man snoring in bedSleep apnea is a common yet serious disorder that can greatly impact your quality of life and overall health.

In this blog, the sleep specialists at eos sleep diagnostics explain more about the effects of this sleep disorder, including some common sleep apnea side effects.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is characterized by repeated pauses in your breathing as you sleep. This can happen hundreds of times a night, leaving you exhausted in the morning.

The condition interrupts your ability to get a good night’s sleep as you move from deep into lighter sleep repeatedly throughout the night. In addition, your blood oxygen level drops, depriving your brain and the rest of your body of the oxygen it needs to function well.

What are some of the symptoms of this sleep disorder?

Sleep apnea often causes one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Loud snoring, often followed by gasping sounds
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness, even when you’ve spent enough time in bed
  • Waking up with a very dry or a sore throat
  • Restless sleep

What are some common sleep apnea side effects?

In addition to more straightforward symptoms, sleep apnea can cause some side effects that may not be as obvious.

You may be at greater risk of developing these serious health problems if you have sleep apnea:

  • High blood pressure – This can be worsened as your sleep disorder causes stress on your body as well as reduced levels of oxygen in your blood.
  • Heart conditions – As sleep apnea interferes with how your body takes in oxygen, your brain can have trouble controlling how blood flows. You may be at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke or developing atrial fibrillation (a fast, fluttering heartbeat).
  • Type 2 diabetes – Sleep apnea can make your body more resistant to insulin.
  • Depression – Sleep problems can cause symptoms of depression, which usually respond well to sleep apnea treatment.
  • Worsening of ADHD symptoms – A sleep disorder can make it more difficult for you to concentrate.
  • Headaches – A lack of restorative sleep, as well as lowered blood oxygen levels, can contribute to frequent headaches, especially when you wake up in the morning.

If you snore or have sleep apnea side effects, make an appointment today with eos sleep diagnostics on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. We’ll conduct a sleep study if needed to confirm a diagnosis, and if you have this disorder, we’ll provide the most effective treatment to improve your sleep and overall health.

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