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Are My Tonsils Making Me Snore?

Every morning your partner greets you with a not-so-subtle reminder of how your snoring is ruing their sleep. You’ve tried everything from adjusting your sleep position to different pillows, and you still get kicked out of your room.

If your snoring has you at your wit’s end, there may be a little-known culprit that makes you snore unbearably.

Surprisingly, there is a possibility that your tonsils and adenoids could cause your night-time woes.

What do the Tonsils do?

You may only think of your tonsils as something that makes your throat hurt now and again. However, they serve a bigger purpose than most people realize. Your tonsils function as part of your immune system, your body’s defense against infection. Their location in your throat allows them to stop germs from entering your body. They contain white blood cells, our body’s defenders against foreign invaders.

What Are Adenoids?

The tonsils have a partner that helps them in the fight against infection. However, this, combined with the tonsils, may cause you to snore.

Your adenoids are a small patch of tissue that work with the tonsils to deal with germs and regulate body fluids. 

What Happens With Inflamed Tonsils and Adenoids?

Sometimes, your tonsils and adenoids become enlarged. Chronic infection, allergies, and illness may cause the two to swell.

It can often disrupt sleep patterns when this happens, resulting in:

  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Noisy breathing
  • Or breathing through the mouth

What Happens With Tonsil-Related Snoring?

While tonsil-related snoring is most common among children, it sometimes affects adults. Swollen tonsils can block parts of the airway, making you snore. When this happens, it can result in frequent sleep interruptions that include periods where you momentarily stop breathing.

What You Can Do About It

Speaking with a professional is the safest way toward a resolution. A tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy may be recommended based on your symptoms.

Many patients report that their snoring issues are resolved after a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy. However, only a qualified professional such as our team at EOS Sleep can help you determine this.

If you are interested in getting help with your snoring, call our office today at 212) 873-6036 to schedule a consultation.

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