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Is Your Tongue Making You Snore?

Our tongues are a critical part of our connection to the world. They allow us to communicate with others, help us to taste our food, and help protect our bodies from infection. We need our tongues to perform many essential functions. But in some cases, it can be a surprising cause for an annoying night-time problem. Snoring is an issue in millions of households throughout the country, and some people struggle to identify the reason why it happens. Sometimes, your tongue can be the sneaky culprit behind snoring, but there are methods to help get it under control. Here at New York ENT, we provide cutting-edge services that help address snoring, including snoring caused by the tongue. Here is how the tongue causes snoring and how we can help.

Blocking the Airway

The tongue plays a role in keeping you safe from pathogens by preventing you from swallowing them. Although the tongue can block pathogens from entering your body, there are times when it can partially block your airway while you sleep. This partial blockage disrupts airflow, causing you to snore.

Also, other factors can cause your tongue to block your airway partially. For instance, some people have larger tongues than others, making them more likely to snore.

Addressing Issues With Your Tongue

It may seem like there is little that can be done to help get tongue-related snoring under control, but our office provides a minimally invasive solution to help you get relief.

Radio ablation of the tongue is an innovative treatment that helps your tongue function more efficiently. The procedure involves directing radio energy to the tongue to help reduce the size of an enlarged tongue and help strengthen weakened tissue.

Our office makes the procedure as comfortable as possible for you, helping the healing process to allow you to get back to your normal activities. The procedure typically takes around 3 minutes from start to finish, allowing you to return to your normal routine.

If you’re concerned about snoring and are looking for options to get it under control, please get in touch with our office. Schedule a consultation at one of our two locations by calling us today at 212-873-6036.

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