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Is Your Mattress Making You Snore?

Snoring can do significant damage to your sleep patterns and relationships. You may have tried everything from cutting back on nighttime snacking to using a new pillow to avoid snoring. Sometimes, snorting can have causes that aren’t easy to identify, and some causes of snoring can be downright shocking. One surprising cause of snoring that some people encounter is the mattress they sleep on. If you’ve tried everything to stop snoring but have yet to work, our office is happy to help. We can provide the critical tools and strategies you need to help you and your loved ones get the rest you need. If you’re wondering if your mattress may be to blame for snoring, here are a few things to consider as you prepare to visit our office.

How Soft Mattresses Can Make you Snore

Many people leave to go to bed on a plush and fluffy mattress. Although a soft mattress may add extra comfort for some people, it can be problematic for those who want to avoid snoring. Soft mattresses may be cozy for some, but they can worsen snoring because many soft mattresses don’t provide the necessary spinal support that your body needs to achieve optimal airflow. Snoring can be one of the byproducts when your body doesn’t have a proper flow of oxygen as you sleep. If your mattress is too soft, it may be worth considering looking for a firmer alternative.

How Mattresses That Are Too Firm Contribute to Snoring

Similar to having a mattress that is too soft, a mattress that is too firm can also play a role in snoring. Overly firm mattresses don’t provide enough spinal support because they don’t allow your spine to maintain its natural curve. When this happens, your body’s airflow can be compromised, causing you to snore.

Our Approach to Snoring

Our office has many years of experience helping patients and their loved ones get relief from snoring. Dr. Volpi provides patients with snoring treatment strategies that are unique to their needs, which can include a CPAP mask, an oral appliance, and other minimally invasive strategies. If you need professional assistance to stop snoring, please schedule a consultation with our NYC office by calling us today at 212.873.6036.

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