3 Myths About Sleep

Many people believe that perpetual exhaustion is a fact of life. The hustle and bustle of running errands, work, and caring for your family can be exhausting. Getting enough rest is crucial for the ability to perform and remain healthy. Understanding how sleep deprivation affects you is vital to staying healthy. Here are a few […]

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How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Heart?

Sleep Deprivation and Heart Health Being sleep-deprived, especially over a long period of time, can put you at risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke. One of the reasons this might occur is the fact that not getting enough sleep can cause blood pressure to increase. Having high blood pressure raises the risk

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Does Snoring Always Mean You Have Sleep Apnea?

You may have heard that snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder. But does that mean if you snore, you definitely have sleep apnea? What is snoring? Snoring is the sound that’s made when air flows past the tissues in the back of your throat. It happens when the tissues relax

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