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PROPEL for Sinus Surgery Treatment in San Jose & San Francisco


What is PROPEL treatment for sinus surgery?

PROPEL is an FDA-approved dissolvable sinus implant used on patients who have sinus swelling and/or a narrowing sinus cavity. The PROPEL implant is placed in an open sinus airway—usually one that has just been opened using sinus surgery—and slowly releases steroids that keep the airway passage open.

Why is PROPEL used?

In order for your sinuses to be healthy and infection-free, the sinus passageways must remain open and clear. When sinuses close or narrow due to inflammation, it can cause chronic sinusitis, severe snoring, or sleep apnea. These sinus conditions may warrant sinus surgery to open the sinus airway and correct these problems. However, in some cases the surgery opens the sinus passageway but does not keep it open. Many physicians now use PROPEL as a final step of sinus surgery to keep the newly-opened airway from closing again. The implant time releases anti-inflammatory drugs directly to the sinus lining, keeping the airway open long-term.

What does PROPEL treatment involve?

PROPEL treatment is offered at eos sleep to improve the success rate of sinus surgery. During the procedure, the implant is carefully inserted into the surgically opened sinus cavity by your doctor at eos sleep. The implant is designed similar to a spring, and once it is put in place, it securely fits against the lining of the sinuses. An anti-inflammatory drug called Mometasone Furoate is released from the PROPEL implant over 30 days. Within about a month, the implant dissolves on its own and the sinuses remain open.

What are the benefits of undergoing PROPEL treatment?

Undergoing PROPEL treatment has the following benefits:

  • Maintains the outcome of sinus surgery
  • Dissolves on its own with no second surgery needed for removal
  • Delivers anti-inflammatory drugs automatically
  • Eases sinus pain
  • Relieves effects of snoring and sleep apnea

Dr. Mingrone is now accepting most major insurance plans at his San Jose and San Francisco offices. Click here to view a list of accepted plans, or call us to review your plan with a specialist.

If you are suffering from sinus-related health issues and believe you may benefit from PROPEL treatment, the first step is to consult with an ear, nose and throat expert at eos sleep. Call 1-800-EOS-SLEEP today or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment or to learn more about sinus-related treatment options available with eos sleep.

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