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What is sinus rinsing?

A neti pot or nasal saline irrigation tool is one way to rinse the sinuses to prevent sinus problems and related pain. This kind of therapy involves using a saltwater solution that is pushed through one of the nostrils using a specialized water spraying tool. Then, the saline solution travels through the nasal passageway and out the other nostril, passing all the way through the sinuses. Sometimes, a saline nasal spray might be used as well for a similar effect.

What does a sinus rinse do?

Sinus rinses are used to help clear away mucus that has built up in the sinuses. In addition, a saltwater sinus rinse can help clear out unwanted substances, like chemicals from cigarette smoke, bacteria, or allergens.

The saline solution helps to flush out mucus by improving the speed at which your cilia (or the small hair-like structures in the nasal passages) pushes mucus through the sinuses. In cases where smoking or secondhand smoke is a problem, the cilia can be damaged or working improperly due to the chemicals found in tobacco.

When should I use a nasal sinus rinse?

A sinus rinse might be recommended by your doctor if you’re suffering from any of the below sinus symptoms:

  • Allergies
  • Common cold
  • Sinus infection
  • Dry sinuses
  • Congestion
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Bleeding nose
  • Sinus pressure

There may be additional conditions and symptoms that warrant sinus rinsing. Talk to your ear, nose, and throat doctor who can help you decide whether sinus rinsing would benefit you.

How often should I use my nasal irrigation system?

Recent studies have indicated that most patients suffering from sinus issues feel that using the sinus rinse about three times a week helps their symptoms. Ask your doctor about how often you should be using a sinus rinse. In some cases, a sinus rinse may not be appropriate or less frequent uses may be recommended.

How do I use a sinus rinse?

Below are the general steps that you can take when using a sinus rinse. Speak with your doctor to learn more about the steps and precautions that may apply to you.

  1. Prepare your saline solution as directed by your doctor or by the product instructions
  2. Tilt your head over the sink so that one nostril is aimed toward the sink for proper drainage
  3. Pour the saline solution into one of the nostrils (the one that is furthest from the sink)
  4. Let the solution drain through your sinuses completely and blow your nose to completely clear out the solution
  5. Repeat as directed by your doctor

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