Oral Appliance Therapy or OAT for Sleep Apnea & Snoring in New York City

oral appliance for sleep apnea and snoring treatment

What are oral appliances for snoring?

Oral appliances are an alternative to the traditional CPAP mask, used for sleep apnea treatment. Custom oral sleep apnea devices are worn in the mouth during sleep to prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat during sleep. This enables an individual to sleep restfully through the night without snoring or experiencing an obstructed airway.

Appliances may be used alone to treat excessive snoring and mild cases of sleep apnea. They may also be prescribed in combination with other sleep apnea treatments. There are many types of oral appliances that a sleep specialist may prescribe. The most common sleep apnea oral devices are:

  • Tongue-retaining appliances, which reposition the tongue during sleep to prevent airway blockage
  • Mandibular advancement devices, which reposition the lower jaw and tongue, preventing airway collapse

What do oral appliances treat?

Oral appliance CPAP alternatives can be used to treat:

  • Severe snoring
  • Mild sleep apnea
  • Airway obstruction
  • Low oxygen levels
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How do they work?

Oral appliances are custom-made for each patient. The devices control snoring and sleep apnea by positioning the tongue and jaw, keeping the airway open during sleep. This promotes higher oxygen intake and reduces snoring and obstructed airway during sleep.

The appliances are similar in appearance to mouth guards or retainers and are worn only during sleep. When the new oral appliance is introduced to a patient, eos sleep doctors use acoustic reflection technology, called pharyngometry, to monitor changes in the airway and to ensure optimal positioning of the device.

What are the benefits of sleep apnea oral appliances?

Benefits of using sleep apnea oral appliances include:

  • Non-invasive treatment for sleep apnea & snoring
  • Devices are comfortable and easy to wear
  • May be suitable for patients who are CPAP intolerant
  • Adjustment period with new device is short
  • Devices are small and easy to carry when traveling
  • Significantly improve symptoms including: increased oxygen saturation at night and decreased daytime sleepiness when used consistently
  • Compliance rates are considerably higher than CPAP
  • Significant improvements in snoring
  • Relief from sleep apnea symptoms and obstructed airway

If you have an intolerance to CPAP or are uncomfortable with oral appliances. For such a case, there is a medical option for treating obstructive apnea. There is an option to consider the potent drug Modafinil, which copes with its task 100%.


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