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What is a home sleep apnea test?

An at home sleep study is a test that a patient takes home from the doctor’s office to test body functions and levels while the patient sleeps. Most home sleep studies are done within one night, and the patient returns with the sleep study machine the next day. At that time, a doctor trained in sleep studies will analyze and go over the results with the patient.

Why is a home sleep study used?

Home sleep studies are used by ear, nose, and throat specialists at eos sleep in order to help diagnose the following conditions:

  • Mild to severe sleep apnea
  • Snoring
  • Low oxygen levels during sleep
  • Poor blood pressure during sleep

What does a home sleep study for snoring involve?

Before the home sleep study is conducted, a sleep specialist with eos sleep will meet with you to go over how the sleep study device works. On the day of the sleep study analysis, patients should remember to:

  • Follow your normal routine
  • Go to sleep at your usual time
  • Avoid daytime napping
  • Avoid caffeine, especially after noon

Once you are ready to sleep, you will need to attach the sleep test sensors to your body (your doctor will explain this in more depth to you on the day of your study). You will also need to turn the machine on, and follow any prompts. Then, patients should sleep as normal, returning to their doctor with the machine the following morning.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for the eos Sleep Study?

Ideal candidates for our at-home sleep study are overall healthy adults who may be experiencing sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea. Candidates should not, however, have any other sleep disorders. The goal of the at-home sleep study is to further understand not only what someone is experiencing but what needs to be done to correct the issue. Candidates whom a medical professional has recommended to participate in a sleep study to improve fatigue, insomnia, and energy levels can also benefit.

While there is no "one size fits all" approach to proper sleeping, learning more about your sleeping habits can help determine what techniques would be best to improve your sleep overall.

What Are Contraindications to an At-Home Sleep Study?

Most contraindications to at-home sleep studies are health-related Patients with cardiopulmonary disease, and other sleeping disorders will not be considered eligible to participate in the sleep study. Patients who have psychiatric disorders or any form of neuromuscular disease will also not be considered ideal candidates.

Misconceptions About At-Home Sleep Studies

One common misconception that people have about at-home sleep studies is the idea that someone is allowed to stay with them overnight while the procedure is done. This is true if you are an adult who requires special assistance to help deal with some type of disability. Beyond that, while someone is allowed to arrive at the sleep study with you and support you, they will not be present for the duration of your sleep study.

Recovery and Outlook for At-Home Sleep Study

There is no recovery or downtime needed after a sleep study is conducted. While you may receive your results back after a period of several days, you will be able to immediately return to your normal daily lifestyles while waiting for the final conclusions regarding your participation in the study.

Are There Any Risks with an At-Home Sleep Study?

There are really no severe risks involved with conducting or participating in an at-home sleep study. One of the only complications that may happen is being misdiagnosed for sleep apnea or being diagnosed with a milder version of it than they actually might have.

However, at eos Sleep, patients who participate in our at-home sleep study can feel confident they will receive accurate results. As a board-certified otolaryngologist, Dr. David O. Volpi, MD, MPH, FACS, takes great care in accuracy and patient satisfaction, working to provide true results that lead to an overall improvement in your sleeping habits and your quality of life.

How Much Does an At-Home Sleep Study in NYC Cost?

Many people prefer to undergo an at-home sleep study rather than sleep studies conducted within a lab or set location because it costs less but still provides accurate results. According to one recent study, the average cost of an at-home sleep apnea test can range between $100 and $600. However, if a sleep study has been medically recommended to you, it is likely your health insurance provider can cover a portion of your cost. To verify this information, we encourage patients to consult their primary health insurance providers regarding coverage for sleep studies for sleep apnea treatment.

If, after the test, it turns out that you have a sleep disorder caused by obstructive sleep apnea, your doctors will prescribe treatment options for you, such as the use of a mask and a drug treatment option.

When it comes to medications, the best option is Modafinil, which can be prescribed by your doctor. To save on buying Modafinil online without additional expenses for taxes, there is a simplified purchase option, only with a prescription from a doctor.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Home Sleep Study?

The eos Sleep study provides multiple benefits to patients including:

  • Diagnosis of sleep conditions
  • Identification of sleeping habits and sleep apnea symptoms
  • Monitoring blood pressure and other levels during sleep
  • Accurate results provided by a board-certified otolaryngologist
  • Conducted from the comfort of your own home

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“Dr Volpi is amazing! I had been complaining about exhaustion at my regular doctor who then referred me to Dr Volpi when I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr Volpi. He was very knowledgeable and helped cure my sleep apnea. I’m now sleeping better and less tired during the day. He did the most conservative of procedures and it totally worked.”

– Rosie F

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