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What is poor sleep hygiene?

Poor sleep hygiene is a type of sleep disorder that is usually the result of poor sleep habits. Also referred to as inadequate sleep hygiene or poor sleep health, the condition can often be corrected with the help of an ear, nose, and throat doctor and minor changes to your sleep routine. Some of the easiest things that you can change to improve your sleep hygiene and avoid sleep disorders are listed below.

Tips for Better Sleep Hygiene

Avoid Caffeine Before Bed: Caffeine in moderate amounts in the morning or afternoon can be part of an acceptable lifestyle. However, caffeine in the later afternoon or evening can disrupt your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Avoid Exercise Before Bed: Exercising before sleep could have an effect similar to caffeine. It can increase your mental alertness, blood flow, and energy level, which could keep you awake later than you wish or disrupt your sleep during the night.

Stick to a Bedtime Routine: Coming up with a bedtime routine can help you wind down at night. Just as important as creating this routine is committing to sticking with it each night. Going to sleep around the same time and doing actions before bedtime, like washing your face or turning on the humidifier, can help trigger your mind that it is time for sleep. Over time, this could help you fall asleep faster and get a good night sleep.

Avoid Screens Before Bed: Using cell phones or watching TV in late hours around bedtime can make it more difficult for your brain to switch off and transition to sleep. Instead, try reading a book or other actions that are part of your bedtime routine.

Avoid Alcohol Before Bed: Certain drugs and alcohol are thought to be sedatives and viewed as helpful for falling asleep. However, they can actually inhibit your ability to stay asleep during the night, causing poorer sleep health.

Speak with a Sleep Health Specialist: Visiting a sleep doctor and undergoing a sleep study may help to determine the cause of your poor sleep hygiene. These tests can be done at a sleep lab, which is designed like a hotel room and allows your doctor to analyze your body functions during your sleep.

If you are suffering from poor sleep hygiene, the first step is to consult with a sleep health expert. Ear, nose, and throat specialists at eos sleep have extensive experience in treating ear, nose, and throat conditions as well as sleep-related problems. Call 212.873.6036 today or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment or to learn more about eos sleep treatment options.

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