3 Common Reasons for Waking Up Tired



3 Reasons You Wake Up Tired

Waking up tired everyday is a common complaint. What happens to you while you are sleeping affects how alert you feel during the day. If your sleep cycle is interrupted multiple times throughout the time, you probably will not wake up feeling your best.

1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which something blocks your airway when you sleep, cutting off your ability to breathe. When this happens, your body becomes starved of oxygen and you’re eventually forced awake so you can consciously start breathing again.

These episodes can happen several times in one night. Individuals with a severe case of sleep apnea can experience as many as 30 interruptions per hour – that’s a wake-up call every two minutes during the night. Even mild cases of OSA can result in enough interruptions to really deteriorate the quality of your nightly shuteye.

Regardless of how many times you wake up or stop breathing throughout the night, these interruptions can make you very, very tired the following day, and can even cause you to fall asleep at work, or other times during the day, and can lead to other health concerns.

2. Snoring – Either Yours or Your Partner’s

Disruptive noises at night can affect the quality of your sleep and the most common bedtime noise afflicting sleepers is snoring. If your bed partner’s snoring is temporary, due to a cold, then you only temporarily have to cope with the unruly sounds disturbing your sleep.

However, if your loved one frequently snores then your situation could be more problematic as chronic snoring is a common symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Even if you are not the snorer, sleeping next to the snorer could ruin your sleep and cause you to be excessively tired the next day.

Without the proper amount of rest, brain fog, drowsiness, and concentration problems can occur. And these problems could potentially lead to more serious health problems such as anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression themselves can cause poor sleep quality, creating a feedback loop.

 3. Waking Up During the Wrong Sleep Phase

Another reason you may feel tired after “getting a full night’s rest” is because you wake up during the wrong stage of sleep. While you sleep, your body and brain go through different sleep stages that repeat in a cycle throughout the night. Some stages allow you to drift into a deeper sleep than others. If you wake up during the wrong stage, you could feel a lot groggier than normal.

Daytime naps improve overall alertness and make you more attentive and healthier. Experts recommend fairly short naps lest you drift into one of the deeper states of sleep and wake up feeling groggy.

Find Out What Causes Your Drowsiness

Do not assume that your drowsiness can’t be helped. In most cases, it can. The snoring and sleep apnea specialists at eos sleep will try to determine the root cause or causes of your sleepiness.

Modafinil for fatigue

Modafinil is often used to combat excessive fatigue and improve performance. Thanks to its unique mechanism of action, this drug helps maintain alertness and increase energy levels without causing the unwanted effects associated with traditional stimulants. You can order Modafinil without overpayment through our simplified form.

Rest assured we will do everything we can to help you get a better night’s sleep.

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