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Posts With Category: ‘Tonsillectomy’

Are My Tonsils Making Me Snore?

portrait of stressful, exhausted woman snoring while sleeping on bed in bedroom environment
June 15th, 2022

Every morning your partner greets you with a not-so-subtle reminder of how your snoring is ruing their sleep. You’ve tried everything from adjusting your sleep position to different pillows, and you still get kicked out of your room. If your snoring has you at your wit’s end, there may be a little-known culprit that makes […]

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When the Tonsils Need to Come Out

November 15th, 2021

If you’re over 55, odds are you know someone who has had their tonsils out. It was a pretty common minor surgery back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s on kids who had a couple bouts of tonsillitis. A tonsillectomy was considered a good treatment for the infection and inflammation of tonsillitis. Today ENT doctors […]

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Tonsils and Sleep Apnea

Tonsil Removal Surgery New York City
November 15th, 2019

Obstructive sleep apnea – a form of apnea in which there is a physical obstruction to obtaining enough oxygen – is common in children, and enlarged tonsils are usually the cause. In children, a tonsillectomy is a serious surgery but quite common. Children have a short recovery time made more tolerable with plenty of ice […]

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