What’s Involved In A Latera Implant Procedure?

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What Is the Latera Sleep Procedure?

The Latera nasal implant is used to support the lateral cartilage of the nose – that is, the soft tissue along the sides of the nose leading from the nostril. It is an absorbable nasal implant that serves as a potential alternative to surgical cartilage and polymer grafts that provide similar support.

Why Is the Latera Sleep Procedure Used?

The Latera sleep procedure is used to enhance breathing for patients suffering from airway obstructions caused by, or worsened by, reduction in the ability of the lateral cartilage to support the nasal structure. Weak or insufficient cartilage can lead to breathing difficulties, especially during sleep. That, in turn, may result in diminished sleep quality and the health issues that can accompany it.

What Does the Latera Sleep Procedure Involve?

The Latera sleep procedure uses an absorbable nasal implant. This specialized implant is structured to be inserted by a physician using a 16-gauge cannula. When positioned correctly, it anchors above the maxilla to provide cantilever support to the upper and lower lateral cartilage.

The Latera nasal implant is designed to be atraumatic, meaning the implant has a very low likelihood of causing bleeding or other complications to the surrounding tissue. After insertion, which may take only a few minutes, patients can expect about 12 months of cartilage support.

In order to minimize complications, the implant is designed to be safely absorbed into the body. Once this process takes place, a permanent collagen construct can be used to replace the implant. This allows for a long-term restructuring of the area of concern.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for the Latera Sleep Procedure?

A physician should evaluate your nasal passages and airway to determine whether sleep symptoms can be attributed to weakness or defects in the lateral cartilage. Adults of any age or background who may benefit and who are not disqualified by other health conditions can use Latera. Consult a physician and disclose all current medications and health conditions before Latera is performed.

The Benefits of the Latera Sleep Procedure

Latera results have been evaluated using a specialized survey tool. Results indicated that most patients enjoyed a noticeable reduction in their symptoms. Symptoms known to be affected by the Latera sleep procedure include:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Trouble breathing through the nose during day or night
  • Difficulty getting air through the nose during exercise
  • Nasal blockages or obstructions
  • Problems sleeping attributable to nasal blockage
  • Recovery Time for the Latera Sleep Procedure

No extended recovery period is needed for the Latera sleep procedure. There is a minor chance of slight bruising and inflammation, awareness of the implant, or mild irritation. None of these complications are guaranteed, and all should fade away with time if they are ever experienced.

The Latera sleep procedure is an effective way to help patients with specific sleep problems overcome the issue and get better rest each night. Latera is a quick, comfortable process with low risk of side effects and is one of the most helpful ways to resolve sleep issues caused by lateral cartilage.

To learn more or get started with Latera, contact the team at Eos Sleep today.

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