Laser-Assisted Tonsil Ablation

What Is a Laser-Assisted Tonsil Ablation for Sleep Apnea?

Laser-Assisted Tonsil Ablation
Do you have sleep apnea that is not improving with the use of a mask or other treatments? For some, laser-assisted tonsil ablation may be the answer. This is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that is helping many people get a better night’s sleep. Here is what you need to know about this procedure.

How Does Tonsil Ablation Work?

Laser-assisted tonsil ablation works by using a high-powered laser to reduce the size of the tonsil. The laser itself minimizes the risks when compared to surgery while also ensuring more accuracy.

As a result of achieving a decreased tonsil size, the passageway for breathing is significantly larger. With a wider airway, you can breathe easier at night. That lets oxygen pass through your nose and into your lungs without restriction. This may help improve both your health and your quality of life.

What Are the Benefits of Laser-Assisted Tonsil Ablation?

Having this procedure done can offer several benefits. First, it improves oxygen flow, which is good for your heart and your brain. That also means fewer periods of waking up and feeling better rested in the morning.

Laser can also help to reduce the recovery time you have. Since it is minimally invasive, you do not need a traditional long hospital stay. The healing process may also be improved, and there is also a decreased risk of throat infections. Additionally, this procedure is far more precise in the way it works for reducing the tonsil size when compared to traditional surgical methods.

Most people have little downtime. You may also find that your sleep apnea improves right away, allowing you to get relief immediately from this condition. That means you may no longer have to worry about snoring and waking up others.

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