What Are the Benefits of a Septoplasty?

Septoplasty (2)Although we do not always think about it, breathing does not come easy for everyone. If you suffer from a deviated septum, then septoplasty surgery might help. Here are some of the reasons why.

What Is a Deviated Septum?

In biological terms, a septum is just a wall that separates two anatomical structures. In this case, it is the thin strip of tissue between your two nasal passages.

The nasal septum is not always perfectly centered. For most people — around 80% — it is off-center or crooked.

This condition, known as a deviated septum, can lead to several problems. You might notice you are congested or have difficulty breathing through one side of your nose. Frequent sinus infections, headaches, facial pain, nosebleeds, and labored breathing are also possible symptoms. So are sleep-related issues like sleep apnea, snoring, and heavy breathing during sleep.

How Can a Septoplasty Help?

In a septoplasty, a surgeon will remove excess bone or cartilage from your nasal septum through a small incision. They may insert a soft stabilizer into your nose for stability during the healing process. During the process, you will receive local or general anesthesia.

This procedure usually takes less than two hours; however, you may have a three- or four-hour hospital stay afterward. Despite its speed, however, the results of surgery go a long way. Septoplasty patients can experience benefits like:

  • Reduced breathing trouble: Septoplasties open your nasal passages to permit airflow.
  • More restful sleep: You may find it easier to breathe while sleeping, snore less, or gain sleep apnea relief.
  • Better sinus health: Your widened airways will permit the flow of mucus from your sinuses. This may lead to less frequent infections.
  • Improved smell or taste: Some deviated septum patients report being able to taste and smell more effectively after surgery.

Am I a Good Septoplasty Candidate?

Surgery is not the only tool for improving a deviated septum. It is essential to choose a care plan that fits your needs, so the first step is talking to our team to determine if septoplasty can help you achieve your goals. We can also help you evaluate alternatives like medication and understand how the surgery will affect your routine.

Talk to Our Septoplasty Experts at eos Sleep

Septoplasty can be a helpful procedure for those who just want to breathe normally. Why wait to learn more about this life-changing surgery? Talk to our doctor at eos Sleep by booking your appointment online or by calling 212-873-6036. Board-certified ear, nose, and throat doctor David O. Volpi MD has more than a decade of experience helping individuals across New York City from his Central Park, NY, and Park Avenue, NY, offices. You can depend on Dr. Volpi to help determine whether this surgery is right for you and provide you with quality and trusted services every step of the way.

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